Today’s Acupressure Therapist


Today’s Acupressure Therapist

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Today’s acupressure therapist is often a professional massage practitioner who has acquired supplemental training through one of a number of acupressure certification programs.  However,Today's Acupressure Therapist Articles there are some acupressure therapists who may be credentialed in acupressure and other Oriental medicine modalities, notwithstanding massage therapy like sports massage, and/or deep tissue massage therapy.

Quality acupressure practitioners have received 오피 텔레 minimum training in the fundamentals of acupressure, anatomy and physiology, and the application of the therapy itself.  In most basic acupressure certification programs, candidates have gained hands-on instruction in the forms of acupressure, including Shiatsu and Jin Shin.  (Typical courses in acupressure are about 200 training hours; with advanced programs being more than 800 training hours.)

Professional therapists who have acquired acupressure certification can identify specific acu-points on the meridian pathways (energy channels of the body), and may facilitate kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine at which points to apply pressure.  With the use of finger depressions, the therapy is believed to help in healing in a variety of health conditions including chronic pain, headaches, and other common ailments.

In addition to acupressure certification, some acupressure therapists may have acquired supplementary training in Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage, Tuina (Chinese Medical massage), Tai Chi, Qigong, and other relative healing arts.  Of course the more educated individuals choose to become, the better chances of becoming a successful and comprehensive entrepreneur.  Other than working out of private homes, acupressure practitioners may work in wellness clinics, acupuncture offices, and other healthcare facilities.